Packaging and retail solutions provider Meiyume has launched a range of touchless applicators for hygienic beauty regimens at home. The new range has been designed to address rising consumer concerns regarding virus, bacteria and all kind of germs their fingers could brought to their face following contact with contaminated materials.

The Gemstone Facial Wand allows customers to apply their skincare without having to dip their fingers in the product and contaminate the rest of the formulation,” said Stephane Bulle, VP of Packaging Innovations at Meiyume. “With hygiene being top of mind, touchless beauty has become increasingly important.

This new applicator is made with a soft touch silicone spatula for skincare application. One end of the spatula is used to apply formulation, designed to reach narrow areas of the face, and the other is used to massage the product in. The ball tip can be customized with stainless steel or precious stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, onyx, aventurine, howlite, with others available upon request. Gemstones and steel also provide a pleasant cooling effect on the skin and the stainless steel ball option can even be treated with anti-microbial coating.