With retail shops around the world beginning to reopen, Meiyume is prototyping a touchless sampling tester to create a safe and hygienic in-store environment for consumers and retail staff.

Touchless testing

Powered by battery packs or AC power, the new device is motion-activated and can dispense any type of fragrance or liquid skincare product.

The mechanism uses existing ‘off-the-shelf’ products so there is no need to design new tester packaging or change the current supply chain. According to the supplier of packaging, product and retail solutions for the beauty industry, the touchless tester display is easily adjustable depending on the size of different tester bottles. However Meiyume is also able to offer bespoke designs for specific projects.

The company expects its touchless testers to launch in stores in the next few months, thus allowing shoppers to continue the essential experience of physically and personally testing products in-store, an area facing tremendous disruption as consumers remain cautious about touching potentially contaminated surfaces outside their home.

Retail stores are where customers engage with beauty products, and Meiyume’s touchless fragrance and skincare testers allows them to continue to experience this in a safe and hygienic way,” said Steve Dodd, Senior Vice President of Retail Solutions at Meiyume. “Our touchless testers are motion-activated, and can be retro-fitted on existing displays or added on store countertops.

New in-store technologies

Taking into consideration the new normal, Meiyume has also developed solutions such as adapting their in-store displays to provide an automated density guide so customers and sales associates maintain social-distancing guidelines to help flatten the curve. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the customer tracking dashboards included in Meiyume’s in-store digital displays help to better understand new consumer behaviours.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Meiyume has been actively supporting our customers and our communities. We want to be proactive in offering innovative solutions for our customers, especially during these challenging times,” said Gerard Raymond, President of Meiyume. “Our retail solutions team has been working hard to continuously develop new products and solutions that will re-imagine how consumers will interact with beauty products during the pandemic today, and in the future.