The 2020 edition of the Paris Creative Days organized by Meiyume will be held on the company’s premises in Levallois Perret from 28 to 31 January 2020. During four days, the French subsidiary of the Hong Kong company will offer its customers an interactive and immersive path of approximately two hours to discover its latest innovations and those of its partners.

"The path was designed as an interactive experience, with our partners Opuscope, a start-up specializing in augmented reality with its Minsar platform, and Temera, an Italian company specialised in RFID and digital solutions, who created the application and digitized the path", explains Magali Galea, Meiyume designer. "Upon arrival, our customers will be given three QR codes enabling them to enhance their two-hour experience, access additional content and leave comments on products," she adds.

Their journey will begin in a dark room with an introduction to the event and a digital access to a series of data on the men’s grooming market, as a preamble to the pop-up store experience dedicated to men’s skincare and make-up products, organized in the next room. "The whole of it steeped in a musical atmosphere adapted to the customer’s experience."

On this occasion, Meiyume will also introduce the expertise of its Retail Solutions Division in collecting and aggregating the data of each customer path. "Reflecting what we are able to set up in POS, we will analyse the journey of our visitors, the stands where they stopped and the products they handled," continues Magali Galea. The collected data will then be analysed by Meiyume and sent to customers to illustrate how this strategic data can be materialized and used for marketing purposes.

The path also features three additional stages, each focused on three innovation themes: the sustainability of primary and secondary packagings, including POS; self-expression (packs and product personalization); and digital innovation, with a presentation of innovations proposed by partnering start-ups.

Throughout the customer path, particular emphasis will be placed on Meiyume’s expertise in skincare and on the current key ingredient trends - sustainability and formulations with a high level of naturality according to ISO and COSMOS standards - as well as on the company’s growing capabilities in the make-up category, and more specifically, multi-moulding technologies for lipsticks and hybrid formulations.

Finally, a connected bar will showcase RFID solutions proposed by Meiyume, and enabling to carry out real time inventories. A chatbot will also interact with visitors to further enrich their journey.

With this new edition of its Creative Days in Paris, Meiyume intends to state its ability to aggregate technologies, to quickly propose prototyped innovations and to test them. With bases in Asia, Europe and North America, the company relies on five factories dedicated to the formulation and packaging of cosmetic products, but it also relie a broad network of factories to offer a very complete set of solutions.

Meiyume Paris Creative Days
January 28-31, 2020
Upon invitation only.
Contact: Magali Galea -