One of the main highlight of the show was the now famous "Innovation Tree", which unveiled 28 new products.

These included "Eyebrow Designer" by Bomo Trendline, a system that allows users to dye their brows by combing them with a brush. The paraben-free colour lasts up to 24 hours and can be removed with a regular make-up remover.

Additional makeup solutions also included "Moonlight Kiss Fluo Lipsticks" by Alkos, which provide lips with fluorescent brightness while protecting and moisturizing them with vitamin E, and the "Spacy Art & French Pen" by Bomo Trendline, a manicure pen containing more than 18 colours.

Also noteworthy are the “Fruity Lip Scrubs” by Strand Cosmetics. These transparent scrub balms are formulated with vitamin E, bisabolol and grape seed oil, to gently exfoliate the lips and visibly embellish them.

Again for the lips, the gel texture of the “Jelly Baby Lipgloss” line by Faber Castell Cosmetics offers a pure lips and glossy appearance. The clear and bright balm moisturizes the lips and the pen allows an easy and precise application.

Innovative formulas also provided a talking point, with Gotha Cosmetics’ "Bi-Metallic Eyes & Face Color Veil", a refreshing gel texture that creates a light veil over the eyes or face, and the intensity is variable like a stroboscope. The supplier’s "Color Igloo And Pearly Color Igloo" product, a series of powders which stimulate the senses upon application and which come in four different shades, also featured on the Innovation Tree.

For the nails, Polychromatic - Keystone showcased the “Aphrodite Collection”, a complete beauty treatment formulated with a patented technique featuring lipid microspheres with encapsulated vitamins and biodegradable ingredients (vitamin E, keratin, Arginine and tea tree oil).

In terms of packaging, future innovations could include the "BeautiLock Airlight Compact" by Eurovetrocap, a compact box with a patented sealing technology that ensures tightness efficient air with less than 1% weight loss for solvent based products and water, and "Beaded Lipgloss Pack" by Toly, designed for beaded lipgloss and featuring a pearl grinding pump.