Dubbed E-Pure Jungle Essence, Mane’s new range of floral extracts is obtained from a new and greener extraction method of fresh flowers.

Three new floral extracts

The debut E-Pure Jungle Essence range features three floral extracts: Red Champaca, Jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmin Sambac.

According to Mane, E-Pure Jungle Essence extracts exhibit an extraordinary olfactive rendering. They unveil a flower’s natural and original note without the typical green and fatty undertones that are usually captured when using petrochemical solvents. Extracted at low temperature, the most delicate facets are preserved. E-Pure Jungle Essence extracts thus contain the most volatile molecules that reveal the flower’s freshness and the emotion it conveys.

Natural and respectful

This reinvented enfleurage only requires simple and relatively light equipment, easy to use next to the flower fields, for optimal freshness. The “enfleurage” step is performed with simple and light equipment using only natural vegetable oil a natural solvent to extract the aromatic molecules. This maceration process has a low energy consumption. The supercritical fluid extraction step that follows uses CO2, which collected from the outside air and returned to its gas form at the end of the process.

The E-Pure Jungle Essence range obtained from this process are natural aromatic extracts, as defined by the ISO 9235 standard. Furthermore, they can be used in formulations with the organic COSMOS label, which is not the case for absolutes extracted with the use of petrochemical solvents, therefore opening up new creative perspectives for organic perfumes.

The perfumer’s opinion

"Of course, the E-Pure Jungle Essence extracts are green ingredients, obtained without petrochemical solvents, at a very low environmental cost, but they are also extremely close to the flower’s natural scent. Compared to absolutes, their notes are less fatty, less vegetal, the quality of the extracts is exceptional, it is the flower exactly as we know it in nature", comments Serge Majoullier, senior perfumer at Mane, who closely participated in the development of the new process.