It works for all industry players, be they specialists in formulas, packaging or make-up accessories. A twist of friendliness with a few smart ideas like the distribution of soft drinks in the aisles of the show by a waitress on a delivery tricycle relayed by a permanent open bar, the whole of it in an upscale atmosphere due to the flawless design of mini showrooms and stands...exhibitors and visitors alike were seduced. They were also seduced by this original colouring workshop where everyone could practice on colouring, oops! make-up. Not forgetting the superb demos performed by students of make-up schools.

Among the new features that have strengthened the professionalism of the event: the organization of more than twenty highly original conferences in the dedicated room crowded by hundreds of people, and, of course, the very first "Innovation Awards" which enabled to single out six companies in the "formulation", "full service", "packaging" and "accessory" categories. The awards ceremony, on the evening of June 21st, was particularly moving given the enthusiasm and emotion expressed by winners.

An event "like no other"!

Three years and already mature! But also the same comment expressed by professionals, visitors and exhibitors to the organizers, "Please don’t grow!" An attitude which is indicative of this atmosphere "like no other" that have managed to create the initiators of this event indeed "like no other" where operators in the make-up industry obviously enjoy meeting far away from ritual gatherings.

This MakeUp in Paris is indeed quite a subtle cocktail, made of luxury, friendliness, warmth, professionalism and proximity. A successful cocktail too, since the next meeting will take place on 12 and 13 September in New York, while organizers have announced the holding of MakeUp in Sao Paulo on 10 and 11 April 2013. The New York edition promises to be an excellent vintage and the one in Sao Paulo is obviously highly anticipated, not to say eagerly awaited by suppliers and many managers of cosmetic brands established in South America. The adventure continues...