Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, Beauteam

Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, Beauteam

Premium Beauty News - Figures posted regarding this fourth edition are impressive. How do you explain this ever growing interest one year after another?

Sandra Maguarian - The evidence is there! The concept that we have developed in New York, Paris, Seoul and now Sao Paulo, corresponds better to the expectations of the entire professional beauty industry. An event, above all, professional but most of all personalised and friendly. This fourth gathering in New York, which promises to be a success is the result of many months of work and complicity with the suppliers in this industry but also our visitors, in this case their customers, so that each minute of their presence at the show is as profitable as possible. The high profile and the involvement of many big names in the industry, taking part to conferences is a big investment for us but an essential one.

Premium Beauty News - From the outside, people don’t always realize the huge amount of work it requires.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - I think it’s actually does no harm to remind people of the work such an event involves upstream during the twelve months preceding it, and this, at all levels. Especially when you know that its concept is based on the idea of "full service". We take care of everything....: the booths, their furniture, the conferences, the events, meals and of course the cocktail party...., which this year will bring several hundred people together. All this mobilizes a lot of people, requires a lot of meetings and trips abroad.

The success of MakeUp in New York is clearly the result of four years of work. It is also the result of a global work which started in Paris and continued in Seoul and now Sao Paulo.

Premium Beauty News - What do you think of the operation organized by Cosmoprof that will start on the eve of your event to continue during the first day of your show?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois - You know, Sandra Maguarian and I have always been in favour of a healthy competition, and we always will. But clearly, this event does not look like it. Coincidentally enough, it was announced a few weeks ago and organized concurrently to MakeUp in New York. Coincidentally enough, it will address mainly themes that relate specifically to the make-up industry. Coincidentally enough, the organization has planned to take in charge, it seems, some of the participants’ hotel rooms, participants who, coincidentally enough, for the vast majority of them, happen to be our customers... That’s quite a lot of coincidences at once, don’t you think?

Premium Beauty News - How is the year 2015 shaping up for your four events?

Sandra Maguarian - It looks excellent! At a time when precisely other organizers continue to extend their reach to other areas, including ours, we are in fact going strengthen the "exclusive" aspect of our shows. MakeUp in Sao Paulo will be positioned exactly that way with the main stakeholders in this industry that are in the process of establishing themselves in this part of the world. MakeUp in Seoul is also looking extremely promising. Not only are Korean companies supporting the event (to note that the Amore Pacific Group has asked to be the preferred partner next year again!) but the share of ’foreign’ companies continues to grow. As for MakeUp in Paris, I’m afraid there isn’t much to say, aside from the fact that this new 2015 edition promises to be a huge success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the exhibitors and visitors who everyday renew their support to us.