Sandra Maguarian, MakeUp in

Each year, BtoB events bring together thousands of visitors and exhibitors around the world. Unfortunately, since 2020 the shows are on hold, how are you handling it?

Sandra Maguarian - The events sector has been on hold for over a year. Nevertheless, MakeUp in Shanghai was able to take place last July in the midst of the pandemic, with a growth of more than 20% for the number of visitors, what a paradox!

This unprecedented situation revealed the creative potential of my entire team. In just two months, they were able to set up the interactive platform which allowed us to keep in touch with the community.

In addition, we are incredibly lucky to be part of the Infopro-Digital group which, thanks to the diversity of its portfolio, has been able to support us and keep our jobs for the benefit of an entire industry. I remain convinced that physical shows are the best business providers for beauty suppliers.

What is the program for the coming months for the MakeUp in network?

Sandra Maguarian - The second semester concentrates all of our exhibitions usually spread over a year. MakeUp in Shanghai will be held on July 7 and 8, MakeUp in New York on September 22 and 23, Clean Beauty in London on October 12 and 13 and MakeUp in Paris on October 20 and 21. We’ll end the year with the amazing MakeUp in Los Angeles on December 9 and 10.

It’s a lot of preparatory work but there will be new things in terms of animation with new business and conviviality areas, digital communication, etc. We never lose sight of the fact that our exhibitors are there to showcase their know-how and all our energy is focused on this.

What do your shows mean to exhibitors and professional visitors?

Sandra Maguarian - I have the feeling that in many ways the MakeUp in - and soon to be Clean Beauty - tradeshows are a creative refuge and an expert response in an exclusive area of makeup / care. We can find the same spirit as the 17th century salons where we met each other linked by the same centre of interest.

At Makeup in, it is all the same. Exhibitors know that only brands from the beauty sector will visit them. It is a mutual benefit of commercial, sociological, cultural exchanges with museum exhibitions, conferences on colors, on consumer behavior or, creative workshops. Above all, this is the huge opportunity to do business.

MakeUp in shows are an experience for the whole industry chain, with interactions between exhibitors as well. It is where brands discover beauty innovations.

How did you manage to stay in touch with your visitors and exhibitors during the COVID crisis?

Sandra Maguarian - By being worldwide with our local exhibitions, we have always had very privileged contacts with our exhibitors. Yet they come from a variety of industries ranging from ingredients to packaging and formulation, but they all form a family - the MakeUp in family - that we take great care of. The Covid crisis has hardly changed the frequency of our communications. We created the platform which offers suppliers and cosmetic brands to keep in touch, to continue to present new products, and focuses on innovation and information in the sector.

Your ranks have grown to welcome new "skincare" exhibitors. What is it and what is the link with makeup?

Sandra Maguarian - MakeUp in is a living brand that adapts to markets and needs. When it came to support the Brazilian market, we went to Brazil. For K-Beauty we went to Seoul. We support the emergence of indie brands in Los Angeles and so on. When again brand marketing managers asked us to expand our offering to ingredients, we did. Today we are witnessing a takeover of the hybridization of makeup and skincare. With ever more sophisticated claims such as a mascara that promotes eyelash regrowth, a moisturizing lipstick ... Hybridization is born from the BB cream. So yes, Makeup in salons are - and have been for several years now - targeting both skincare and makeup brands.

You are soon launching a new show in London, "Clean beauty". What is this show for?

Sandra Maguarian - Here again, our listening to the market shows all its power since for two years the "clean beauty" movement - responsible cosmetics, non-toxic for humans and nature - is booming. It was at this point that the need for an event was felt. The launch delay, due to the pandemic, allowed us to refine the concept and focus on the innovation in this area. Our exhibitors will be the suppliers of beauty brands in skincare, haircare, makeup, hygiene etc. who will meet the clean beauty brands of today and tomorrow.

How do you see 2022?

Sandra Maguarian - I am extremely positive for 2022. The need to free ourselves from our chains will be such that there will be a boom in cosmetic purchases. We will finally be able to meet and erase the traces of the distorting images of video conversations! Thanks to research and innovation, the cosmetics industry never gives up and anticipates consumer trends, needs and expectations in terms of diversity or performance. Therefore, I predict happy days for the cosmetics industry and its players while caring for everyone’s health, especially at our shows.