By launching a new generation of water-based perfumes, the two founders of Maison Sybarite wanted to propose innovative fragrances that respected nature. A whole new philosophy involving like-minded partners. The name Sybarite was inspired by the Greek colony which settled in Calabria, in the 8th century BC. In line with the measured pursuit of pleasures associated with self-indulgence, Maison Sybarite claims to be a community of knowledgeable enthusiasts in the field of olfactory sensoriality.

A new generation of water-based perfumes

To create these ethanol-free fragrances, Maison Sybarite opted for the microemulsion technology (oil-in-water) developed by the Laboratoire AR2i. "We wanted to go further, and thus propose perfumes with exceptional longevity," explained the founders of the brand.

This is why formulas have a high concentration of aromatic compounds, which provide its intensity to the fragrance on the skin. Hence the ultradrops® - 160nm micro-drops - in the emulsion allow increasing the perfume’s persistence. The micro-emulsion induces a real "symbiosis" between the perfume and the skin. A process which, according to the brand, guarantees a unique sensory experience. To achieve this, Maison Sybarite used a specific pump with wide diffusion. What’s more, the texture is non-oily, non-sticky and contains no chemical solvents.

A solution that recalls the soft liquid perfumes of Sabé Masson or the molecular perfumes of Hermetica.

For the perfumer, this technology represents a new challenge in the development of the formula. "It’s a real exercise because the stability is not the same. I learn as I go! In the end, I formulate with higher concentrations for an impacting and lasting result," explained the independent perfumer Antoine Lie, who created three of the four fragrances in the Collection (Bed of roses, 720 and Opulent Wood), while Spicy Calabria was devised by Laure Santantoni, a perfumer at Argeville.

An eco-responsible and made in France brand

At a time when the craze for natural cosmetics has now also set foot in the perfume category, choosing an alternative to alcohol could not stand as the only response to new consumer expectations. The two founders sought inspiration from the balanced lifestyle of Sybarites, combining a moderate search for sensory pleasures and productivity, with a concern for harmony with nature.

The glass bottle produced by Steklarna Hrastnik and the secondary packaging (BES in Grignan) are made from materials and processes, selected to underpin the brand’s ecological commitment.

The secondary packaging is olive green, a nod to nature and the Mediterranean world, with hot stamping and a gold logo. "To deliver on our ecological commitment, we opted for an ecologically produced cardboard, which preserves forest resources," stipulated the creators.

As for the bottle, its shape is reminiscent of Ancient Greece, and its purple colour recalls the colour that the Sybarites wore until they reached adulthood.