Lumson’s paper airless option is the "perfect combination of smart design, safety, and functionality with a sustainable twist." And we’ll explain why.

Greener than ever

XPaper takes sustainability to the next level. It’s consistent with the principles of the circular economy (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) because once the product inside is finished, the plastic components can be separated from the paper components, making recycling and material recovery easier.

In addition, the paper bottle is also much lighter (-50%) than an equivalent PET bottle. XPaper uses 47% less plastic and reduces CO2 emissions by 34% [1].


Besides meeting the growing demand for sustainability in the industry and the market, XPaper offers the maximum level of safety. The internal multi-layer pouch protects even the most delicate formula from the risk of contamination, ensuring its integrity.


Versatility is the keyword for XPaper, and it’s no coincidence that customization is one of the key factors of this solution. Thanks to various printing technologies, XPaper can be personalized with different effects and decorations, from minimal to sophisticated, to give a unique final result. From offset printing (up to 6 colors) that enhances the graphics, to hot stamping which gives packaging a refined look that further accentuates the final result.

With these features, the packaging of the ’future’ has a name: XPaper!