The Italian-based provider of primary packaging for skincare and make-up, has introduced two new glass bottles for foundations.

Dubbed I-Conic and Marylin the new sophisticated and contemporary designs are available in a 30mL format.

In order to strongly highlight the formulation inside the bottle, “particular attention was paid to details,” said Lumson in a statement.

I-Conic features slender and conical lines, and a thick base with rounded corners.

Marylin is characterized by its oval shape that emphasizes the colour of the product in the bottle.

Lumson now offers an ample portfolio including 33 glass bottles available in a variety of formats (from 15mL to 50mL) and designs (including cylindrical or squared bottles, as well as more extravagant) for skincare and makeup.

All glass bottles are completely customizable with various finishes and decorations and can be paired with an ample assortment of dispensing systems,” adds Lumson.