The Italian provider of beauty packaging solutions has renamed all its ranges of airless systems under one single trademark: Touchless. The new umbrella brand highlights their ability to respond to the cosmetic market’s demand for safety and functionality.

All the airless systems (jars and bottles) in the Touchless family are based on four key pillars:

- The use of a patented hermetic closure system (the HSCS -Hermetic Snap Closure System - is positioned between the dispensing system and the bottle in order to protect the formula);
- A mono or multi-layer pouch depending on the characteristics of the product;
- The use of sustainable materials, including glass, plastic and aluminium;
- The possibility to separate the various components in order to facilitate their disposal in the correct recycling chain.

In addition to traditional airless advantages (complete and easy dispensing of the product, suitability for different types of formulas), these elements provide “enhanced protection of the product from contamination with air and other external agents,” explains Lumson.

The company’s Touchless systems also incorporate sustainability features making them perfectly in line with current beauty trends. Furthermore, they can be customized with a wide range of accessories and decorations.

Part of Lumson’s Touchless family, the Envers range perfectly illustrates how an innovative technology that brings exclusive features to the market continues to match with the latest market trends.

"Envers was the first airless system studied to give new functionality to packaging, thanks to its unique ’on-off’ system which confers a completely new and practical dispensing method, and offers a more suitable and safe solution to the consumer," claims Lumson.