With preventative measures now being an integral part of consumers’ daily routines worldwide, the demand for hand sanitizing gels has been skyrocketing.

The Italian primary packaging company therefore adapted its offering to the new era by developing ready-to-use and innovative concepts.

Lumson’s new Gel in Jelly bottle was developed with the aim to create a practical, unconventional, and functional packaging.

The new concept is comprised of a pocket-size 30mL bottle enclosed in a soft, silicone carrying case that is customizable with colour and with a brand logo. The product can be carried everywhere, and be attached to a purse, backpack, or belt thanks to the hook system. According to Lumson, it is compatible with formulas that have a high percentage of alcohol and can be used for different formulations. The portable case and bottle can be customized with various effects. Furthermore, the dispensing system ensures a precise and accurate dose and the intuitive opening system can be easily managed even with just one hand to facilitate on-the-go use.

Thanks to its mini format and a functional and unconventional aesthetic, Jelly in Gel Hand Sanitizer transforms into a cosmetic product that is truly a product for everyone,” concludes Lumson.

The Jelly in Gel pack complements Lumson’s already existing solutions, which span from 30 ml up to 1000 ml plastic bottles.