Do you think the current situation will change the consumers’ approach and this will consequently foresee a change in the market demand?

Romualdo Priore - Many habits have already changed. The increase in demand for skincare products doesn’t come as a surprise, increased interest has already been around for some time, especially with younger generations like Gen Z, known for their greater awareness and knowledge about the world of skincare.

The increase in skincare does not mean a decrease in demand for make-up, but rather, a growing focus on skin care and consequently, a reinterpretation of make-up in terms of “make care”.

New skincare brands have significantly changed both the market and their methods of approaching consumers, in turn affecting make-up which has been adapted and re-invented as make care.

How is Lumson responding to these changes?

Romualdo Priore - Today, the consumer favors options that ensure the integrity of the product and packaging plays an essential role in this. Lumson has the perfect answer to this necessity, offering airless/touchless solutions that guarantee product integrity.

In addition to these products, our packaging options are extremely ample in terms of materials, design, and formats. These include glass jars, glass and plastic bottles, and dispensing systems.

The company is proud to have a very vast portfolio that satisfies market demands with regards to safety, perfect dispensing of the product, and customization through a variety of decoration techniques.

You mentioned Touchless, what does this term stand for?

Romualdo Priore - All our airless systems (jars and bottles) have been renamed Touchless (Lumson’s trademark) to highlight our safety features and they are based on four key pillars:

- the use of a patented hermetic closure system positioned between the dispensing system and the bottle in order to protect the formula;
- a mono or multi-layer pouch depending on the characteristics of the product;
- the use of sustainable materials, including glass, plastic and aluminum;
- the possibility to separate the various components in order to facilitate their disposal in the correct recycling chain.

In addition to traditional airless advantages (complete easy dispensing of the product, sustainability for different types of formulas), these elements provide protection of the product from the contamination with air and other external agents.

Could you better explain what are the sustainable materials in Lumson offerings and what is Lumson approach in “being green”?

Romualdo Priore - Terms such as reducing, reusing, recycling and biobased materials are fundamental elements to determine our concrete development strategies. We offer different packaging solutions made with recycled, recyclable and compostable materials and increasingly invests in the research and development of innovative eco-friendly materials aimed at guaranteeing high quality products.

We’ve chosen to invest in process that optimises resources and in research looking for the most ethically and economically sustainable solutions. This process has name S.M.I.L.E: Sustainable, Measurable, Impact, Loyalty, Environment.

S.M.I.L.E is an acronym that describes our way of being "green" and reducing the environmental impact: in a measurable and tangible way. The 70% of our current packaging portfolio falls within the parameters of sustainability.

Today, more than ever, in a world that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability, the SMILE catalogue becomes a very useful tool perfect to go deep into our "green" proposal made of a variety of eco-friendly materials: PP/PE – PE Green – PLA- PET – R-PET – GLASS.