The Italian manufacturer of primary beauty packaging is launching Eco Dropper, a new mono-material dropper.

The product’s collar and pipette are made of PP while the rubber bulb is in polyolefin [1], an elastomer which is compatible with PP recycling streams. The various components can therefore can be disposed of into the same recycling chain, this simplifying the entire process.

For an even more sustainable packaging solution, Lumson says its Eco Dropper can be paired with Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) glass bottles.

The sustainability of the new packaging solution has been verified by a SPICE analysis where a comparison between the mono-material dropper and a standard dropper with a TPE [2] bulb, a collar in urea, and glass pipette showed that Eco Dropper allows a reduction of CO2 emissions by -29% with an aggregate single score equals to -39%.