The Lubrizol Corporation has a new global brand positioning. With over 90 years of history, the chemical company has combined its Personal, Home and Health Care divisions to launch the Lubrizol Life Science brand. According to the multinational company, the goal is to evolve with the beauty, health and well-being markets, following their continued convergence.

The new organization is prioritizing the development, manufacture and testing of products co-created with clients of all sizes from a variety of sectors, helping the company accelerate their projects and stay ahead of their competitors. The brand also highlights the proactive innovation needed to provide market-ready solutions to partner companies and to the market in general.

Launched recently, the Lubrizol Life Science brand combines the Personal,...

Launched recently, the Lubrizol Life Science brand combines the Personal, Home and Health Care divisions of the chemical company.

Lubrizol Life Science plans to invest in technology and talent to expand its portfolio, focusing on biological and sustainable ingredients for the personal care industry. Following the acquisition of Phenobio™ - a methodology for extracting botanic actives without using chemical solvents - and the incubation of skincare startup One Ocean Beauty, Lubrizol announced an exclusive global collaboration with Corbion Biotech, Inc., a world leader in sustainable ingredients developed from algae.

Thanks to the partnership, the highly stable algae oil AlgaPūr™ has been incorporated in to Lubrizol’s cosmetics line. During a controlled manufacturing process, the algae efficiently convert simple sugars derived from sugar cane into triglyceride oils. AlgaPūr™ is a versatile emollient ingredient with a silky feel and no oiliness, promising excellent moisturizing. According to the company, the product is formulated with over 90% omega-9 oleic acid, resulting in a longer shelf life.