As science and technology continue to transform our lives, so will exciting innovations in beauty. What’s on the horizon? Amazing new products that react in real time to our environments, activities and emotions are creating a new reality—one in which our skin and hair look healthy and beautiful no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Under the name of INFINITE BEAUTY. Embracing the future, Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) Beauty has designed a set of formulations to capture distinct aspects of personal care’s future. They celebrate individuality with maximum personalization. Create more freedom by simplifying everyday life. And empower us to reach beyond our limits with technology that makes the impossible, possible.

LLS Beauty proposes a game, imagine yourself as a consumer in the year 2030? Here are some examples of personal care products that you could be using in the future:

- April 2030, 6:00 am - Time to get moving. Pre-Workout Control Spray can be applied before you go to the gym to brighten your face while minimizing the shine and sweat that come with vigorous exercise.

- June 2030, 7:30 am - Off to work. On-the-Fly Sun-Care Stick SPF 30 protects your skin against the environmental stressors and UV rays waiting outside. Just grab this transparent stick, quickly apply it to your face and drop it in your bag to use again later.

- July 2030, 5:20 pm - Fun in the sun. Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Serum is a natural oil-based serum to nourish and repair your hair that should be applied before the shampoo. Its cushiony texture feels luxurious yet spreads easily throughout your hair. So that your hair looks as bright and healthy as you after a day at the beach.

- August 2030, 10:20 am - Summer vacation time. Family Cleansing Kit: Shower Gel + Boosters allows you to make sure everyone has the shower gel they love by just adding their favorite sensory boosters in the suitcase.

- September 2030, 10:10 pm - Time to call it a day. All-Night Hair Mask helps you relax and give your hair some love by restoring and enriching it overnight. Its natural plant fragrance will soothe your senses and help calm your nerves, so you can easily drift off to sleep.

- October 2030, 7:55 am - Braving the elements. Everyday Skin Cleansing Beans arm you with a full spectrum of cleansing options for the shower that protect your skin from whatever comes your way. Cold and dry one week, warm and humid the next? It doesn’t matter anymore.

Because no matter how the world evolves, consumers will always care about their skin and hair.

Embrace the future. Visit or to find out how.