At first glance, the TheraFace Pro looks like some kind of futuristic space gun. What is it exactly?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - TheraFace PRO is the ultimate all-in-one device for facial health, bringing together science-backed treatments and innovative technology with eight treatments in a single, handheld device. This device utilizes the proprietary percussive therapy technology we use in Theragun but optimized for the face — the result is reduced tension, relaxed facial muscles and a deeper level of care for the face.

There are already devices on the market that focus on massage and LED light. How does the TheraFace Pro differ from these beauty tech products?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - The TheraFace PRO is unique compared to other massage and LED light therapy devices because it combines both of those treatments and more, all into one. Not only does TheraFace PRO include three different light therapies — red, blue, and red + infrared — but it also gives you cleansing, percussive therapy, microcurrent, and cryothermal treatments. We believe in creating products and solutions that will help people reimagine the way they think about whole-body wellness; when it came to TheraFace PRO, we didn’t want to create a beauty device like every other one on the market that works primarily on the surface of the skin. Instead, we created an innovative device and introduced an entirely new category to the market, facial health, which targets much more than that surface layer of the skin - it allows you to care for the deeper layers of the skin and the 40+ muscles in the face, which are often overlooked.

Did you work with skin and health experts to develop the device?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - Everything we do at Therabody is backed by science, and TheraFace PRO is no different. We went through rigorous research and development to create an effective, all-in-one facial device and worked extensively with dermatologists, scientists, medical doctors and skin health experts through the product development process to carefully perfect each modality and understand its benefits for the face.

The device is designed to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and acne, to massage, to improve skin’s radiance and tone, and even to cleanse it... Does this mean we can throw out all our creams, serums and other anti-wrinkle products?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - TheraFace PRO is not a replacement for other products but can be used to enhance the effects of creams, serums, and other products. The way LED light therapy helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, for example, will work in a different way than the chemical makeup of a serum works — but together, they should create an even longer-lasting effect. Similarly, the hot ring for TheraFace PRO is great to use alongside creams or moisturizers — heat therapy helps those solutions to absorb into the skin faster and deeper.

The cosmetics industry is increasingly interested in LED light. What makes it a go-to for skincare today?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - LED light has become progressively more popular among consumers because of its versatility and recent increase in accessibility. We recognized the major benefits LED light therapy can have on facial health, so we decided to incorporate that into TheraFace PRO. Red LED light is intended to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and mild acne scars. Red + infrared light takes those benefits to the next level and adds a therapeutic warming effect that goes deeper into the muscles to temporarily reduce pain and discomfort. Blue LED light can be described as a disinfecting light therapy for the face — it helps treat mild to moderate acne and breakouts.

The TheraFace Pro is about beauty, health and wellbeing, drawing on the very concept of holistic beauty, which is often associated more with nature than with technology. Can the two be compatible?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - Absolutely! Therabody’s entire ecosystem of products and services are at that intersection of nature and technology, and help people work toward achieving holistic wellness. Holistic wellness is more about connecting the wellness of your body and mind than anything else — and this is a construct we keep as a north star through every product we develop.

The pandemic has accelerated the arrival of professional-style care at home, but can a device really be as effective as expert treatment?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - TheraFace PRO does not replace seeing your dermatologist or esthetician if you are working with them on a specific condition, but it is important to keep up with home care in between treatments. For tips and tricks to get the most out of your TheraFace PRO at home, we have carefully curated a series of ‘how-to’ videos on each attachment, as well as facial routines using a mix of treatments, which are available on our website or by scanning the QR code on your device.

Is the device suitable for all skin types?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - TheraFace PRO is suitable for all skin types. Since every face is different, our versatile eight-in-one device can meet the needs of everybody, no matter your facial health goals. Prior to launching our latest innovation, we conducted a 12-week clinical study with participants ranging from ages 25-61, presenting all skin types. The study yielded amazing results, with 97% showing a reduction in wrinkles around the eyes and increased firmness.

The TheraFace Pro is priced at €399, so it is not necessarily accessible to most people. What makes it is a sound and cost-effective investment?

Dr. Jason WerslanD - TheraFace PRO is the first facial health product to offer such a wide range of personalized treatments. Gone are the days of spending hundreds of euros on multiple products and devices; this one, easy-to-use, versatile and customizable device helps you simplify your life and your facial routine based on your current and future needs.