As a result, mystic beauty or spiritual beauty is booming because it meets this demand and adds a new level to the holistic dimension that we used to know. Holistic beauty, whose name comes from the Greek holos ("all" and "whole"), approaches it in its entirety, taking into account our four dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — the latter two not having been too much considered until now. Beyond dietary supplements alone (referred to as "in-out" cosmetics), holistic beauty addresses the way we take care of ourselves through physical exercise, a good night’s sleep, massage, proper medications, etc. and provides products and advice to this end – e.g. the collaborations and the Instagram Live sessions of indie brands with naturopaths, yoga teachers, meditation and relaxation specialists, etc.

For example, 100Bon proposes an olfactive aromatherapy range, with products dedicated to well-being and routines to "relieve the mind", including breathing exercises, candles, Reed diffusers, room mists, pillow mists, etc. Real mind care. For her part, the American singer Alicia Keys launched her holistic care line Keys Soulcare in 2020, to allow everyone to enhance their inner radiance and take care of their soul.

The Aimée de Mars brand, in addition to its natural vibrational and energetic Aromaparfums - that help harmonise the emotional body and connect to the divine within us -, offers four body oils in connection to our chakras, with tips for their application and kriya yoga (specific exercise), rituals such as ’Joie de vivre’ or ’Amour de soi’, and invocation candles developed with the yoga teacher Catherine Saurat Pavard. As for Holidermie, probably the brand the most representative of the holistic trend in France, offers numerous à la carte rituals, combining body+ nutrition care via healthy menus with Bespoke by Sunday + food supplements + beauty tools such as the Gua Sha + sport + sleep + "Yoga du visage" with facialist Aurélia del Sol + spa treatments.

Even luxury brands such as Dior have created the Spa at Cheval Blanc treatments using rock crystal tools, which amplify the letting go, as well as "sensory awakenings" that use a very particular touch, called "perceptive" and inspired by fascia therapy (the beauty ambassadors can feel the energy flows circulating in each of the tissues of the person being massaged). The client can also be massaged on a bed covered with alpha quartz, which is an invitation to communion with the power of elements, under a starry ceiling like a celestial vault!

Albert Einstein was already saying: "Everything is vibration". As such, quantum physics, which now is part of our daily life, is investing entire fields of the economy (in particular new technologies - the startup Pasqal, a French promising company specialising in quantum physics, has just raised 25 million euros) and is going to develop considerably. Even if measuring energies with classical methods remains complicated, the Kirlian effect and radiesthesia have shown that our body vibrates at a given frequency, like all beings and products. "Our cells have a corpuscular dimension and a wave dimension. This is the double quantum principle. Our body is composed of almost 100 times more (99.99%) energy and information than matter," explains Philippe Bobola, owner of a PhD in chemistry, physics, biology, and an anthropologist and oncologist. [3] Today all this may still seem esoteric to the most Cartesian among us, but tomorrow it will be as accepted and proven as the effects of meditation and hypnosis on the brain.

The role of mirror neurons and the impact of our emotions on the skin are of great interest to leading brands who measure them together with our states of well-being (e.g. Clarins, Shiseido, Amore Pacific x Unist, Greentech, etc.). Neuro-cosmetics (cf. IFF’s Science of Wellness Programme), psychodermatology or Mind-Skin Connection are developing in the United States and Europe. These prospects of linking the skin more closely to the emotions felt and to the action of neurotransmitters will allow designing cosmetics that are truly adapted to the consumer’s phases of life and feelings (and to the state he or she wishes to reach).

In conclusion, many signs show that a form of spirituality, a new dimension has made its way into beauty. The need for a link to the cosmos, to the wholeness of living things (humans are part of nature, all living things are linked to one another) is paving the way for cosmetics that are committed to repairing the soils, via permaculture, biodynamics, using ingredients from regenerative farming.

Many beauty oracles, candles with stone inclusions, and a host of products and rituals to nourish the body and soul are now appearing on the market. They will be proposed in retail outlets or in spas. Cosmetics that connect the body to the mind, that care for the living, it’s exciting and so promising!

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