The French perfume house bought and relaunched in 2014 by Nicolas Chabot has signed an exclusive license agreement with The Ava Gardner Trust [1] to relaunch L’Astre, a legendary fragrance created for the personal and exclusive use of the Hollywood star by Paul Vacher (co-creator of Arpège and Miss Dior), which at the time was the perfumer and owner of the brand.

Indeed, the actress and Le Galion were inextricably linked at the end of the 1950s, when she became an ambassador for the brand and the face of Sortilège, a perfume tribute to extravagant parties and the signature scent of 1950s high society. At the end of their collaboration, Paul Vacher composed L’Astre, a tailor-made fragrance that remained private for decades.

The licensing agreement covers the creation, production (with Givaudan) and distribution of a contemporary reedition of L’Astre. The project was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Ava Gardner Estate and its heirs who offered access to their archives.

Created by Rodrigo Florès-Roux, this new version of L’Astre is, according to the perfumer, a “large, exuberant and magnetic floral.” After a catchphrase made of sensual spices, the perfumer worked on “a spectacular floral accord” made of white flowers, before continuing with an amber, warm and enveloping background.

Born in 1930, Le Galion soon met international success thanks to several iconic perfumes composed by Paul Vacher, including Sortilège (1936), Special For Gentleman (1947) and Eau Noble (1972).

L’Astre will be unveiled to the public on February 1, 2023: