As a manufacturer of high-performing liquid collagen products for the beauty, health, and wellness sector, Tosla Nutricosmetics has been eager to adapt the ‘clean beauty’ concept to the ingestible category. For example, all their formulas are therefore sugar, GMO, gluten, and lactose-free.

Rising expectations

So, like what happened in the topical skin care industry, Tosla Nutricosmetics thinks that: “As consumers learn more about ingestible collagen products, they will become stricter and more selective in their choices. This will drive companies and brands to more innovative and sophisticated products, that will also deliver on the key consumer needs in beauty (aging, hydration, protection from oxidative stress, pigmentation, etc.).

Moreover, just as texture and fragrance are key factors of success for topical cosmetics, taste is a key issue for ingestible cosmetics. “And our liquids offer a far better experience than powders, gummies, or tablets, whether in terms of taste, smell and texture,” claims Primož Artač, COO & Founder of Tosla Nutricosmetics.

High quality standards

To meet these new expectations, Tosla relies on quality and their capacity for innovation.

Their VELIOUS™ Masking Technology, for instance, helps them to address taste - the most important differentiation factor in the liquid collagen category - without adding sugar to their formulas.

In order to provide efficient formulations that target skin texture, density and hydration, Tosla Nutricosmetics can rely on their EU-based manufacture [1] and in-house R&D & Production Design to enhance the efficiency of their products and all aspects of the user experience.

Furthermore, Tosla Nutricosmetics has performed clinical tests of their three best-selling formulations, thus substantiating claims related to reduced wrinkles and smoother skin and guaranteeing brands and their consumers the high-performance of their products.

We spotted the market shift towards beauty from within, and we have high-quality standards. Industry-leading companies recognise our mission, and we successful teamed up with many, and the best is yet to come,” concludes Tosla.