While “skinmalism” is now a staple in skincare, many beauty brands are still missing the point when it comes to ingestible products.

More demanding consumers

Indeed, in the post-pandemic era, consumers have re-evaluated their lifestyles. According to Tosla Nutricosmetics, consumers are paying more attention to the environment and are prioritizing health and wellness. They are looking for more simple ways to stay beautiful - focusing on healthy food and lifestyles, including minimalistic products, with less ingredients, but natural ones.

As an EU-based manufacturer of high-performing liquid collagen products for the beauty, health, and wellness sectors, Tosla has integrated these trends into their latest innovations to better address key consumer needs (aging, hydration, protection from oxidative stress, pigmentation, etc.) through high-performing formulations that deliver both a great consumption experience and effective results.

"As consumers learn more about ingestible collagen products, they become stricter and more selective in their choices. This will drive brands to more innovative and sophisticated products, and that’s exactly what we have to offer," says the company.

Innovative technology

"In line with the latest market trends, all our formulations are ready to drink and do not contain added sugars. To enhance the consumer experience we have developed in-house an innovative masking technology dubbed VELIOUS™, which enables us to create tasting formulations without compromising on added sugar to balance the awful taste of collagen," explains Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer at Tosla.

The VELIOUS™ technology thus makes it possible to create collagen-based drinks offering the best organoleptic qualities, for a pleasant experience, throughout the cure and without compromising consumers’ preferences of a healthy and balanced diet.

"Most taste-masking technologies today are based on inhibiting bitter molecules’ contact with taste buds. The VELIOUS™ Masking Technology uses a different approach, which I cannot disclose due to its possible patenting. For now, we intend to keep the know-how in hand as we explore options to perfect the technology further and use it in more applications," adds Gotar.

Indeed, according to Tosla Nutricosmetics, the VELIOUS™ Masking Technology could be used in many other ingestible products. "Tests are currently underway and preliminary results of replicating VELIOUS™ Masking Technology outside collagen are exciting. We observe that we can also successfully mask other active ingredients from nutricosmetics."

Tosla Nutricosmetics offers EU-based and FSA, GMP, and FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing facilities. The company has its own in-house R&D and Production and Design labs and equipment to co-create innovative and high-performing products with beauty brands. Tosla’s standard formulations are backed by science through clinical studies for claims such as skin texture, density and hydration, that directly translate into reduced wrinkles and smoother skin.