One of the biggest opportunity in the Indian market is to provide efficient solution against climate harshness, pollution, and monsoon weather (photo: / © Olesia Bilkei)

While there are some challenges when entering the market, considering the diversity of languages, states, religions and casts that characterizes India, there are a considerable number of opportunities for beauty brands.

Ayurveda and Bollywood glamour

Indeed, Indian consumers are growing aware of their image and they have a strong appeal for innovative products. Furthermore, there is a millenary tradition of beauty and health conveyed by Ayurveda, as well as model of glamour represented by Bollywood celebrities.

Last but not least, the evolution of beauty retail thanks to the giant Nykaa and of social media with the rise of local influencers have changed the face of the cosmetic and personal care market in the last years.

Indian beauty nowadays is characterized by this tension between tradition and innovation: while Indian women keep beauty habits such as hair oiling, ubtans and kajal as part of their everyday life, they order the last Huda Beauty lipstick on, and follow Korean beauty routines from Debasree Banerjee (Indian beauty blogger) on Instagram. Some brands are smartly revamping the Ayurvedic tradition and giving it a sophisticated twist (Forest Essentials) or offering products that are long needed in the market (Biotique skincare infused make-up).

Monsoon and pollution

One of the biggest opportunity in the Indian market is to provide efficient solution against climate harshness, pollution, monsoon weather, with gaps to be filled in every category. Although homemade recipes are popular for hair care or de-tanning, they do not adapt to fast-paced life rhythm. International and local brands are launching new references with lightweight textures (Ponds Oil-Free Lightweight Gel Moisturizer), claims of long lastingness and freshness, protection from indoor and outdoor pollution (Nykaa Genius Anti-Pollution Foundation).

While fairness creams remain popular, a movement towards skin tones pride is slowly changing the face of Indian beauty, from iconic brand Lakme with 16 shades of foundation to new indie FAE (Free and Equal Beauty) make-up brand.

One of the most dynamic sector in India is men’s grooming. Not only has the number of new indie brands been booming in the last year, but it is also a market characterized by highly innovative products. To mention but a few, the beard care and styling sector sees new products as diverse as anti-itching beard wash, fragrant moustache wax, or beard shiner oil.

Compared to other Asian countries, the market is far from mature and still has a lot of space for new beauty brands, with both male and female consumers eager to take more care of their appearance.

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