To address consumers’ increasing demand for natural fragrances, Iberchem has created VITA, a new digital assistance tool providing precise data on the ingredients of natural origin with a formula. The company’s aim is to accelerate the development of natural fragrances while providing clear, transparent and detailed information about their composition.

Built upon the SAP technology, VITA is the result of an extensive project aimed at facilitating the calculation of perfumes’ index of naturality according to the ISO 16128 standard.

"The creation of VITA would not have been possible without our diligent regulatory experts and extensive collaboration with our IT team," says Paola Armengol, Global Regulatory Manager at Iberchem. "VITA will elevate Iberchem in the natural fragrance industry as this new digital development allows natural scent creation with greater speed, precision, and accuracy. It is exciting to see the digital assistance tool being implemented into business operations at Iberchem and I look forward to seeing natural fragrance solutions made achievable by VITA.”

According to Iberchem, the new tool will also allow the company to increase the transparency of natural ingredient sourcing, in line with their ambition to expand their portfolio of natural ingredients and natural compositions.

"Thanks to VITA, we can create our formulas faster than ever before," underlines Ana Ripoll, Perfumer at Iberchem. "I can independently check the percentage naturality of the final formula, and modify the formula accordingly, without needing to consult our regulatory department. This means I can work quicker, in a more convenient way, whilst learning about all the properties of our raw materials and formulations, which can be helpful for future projects."