The Spanish fragrance maker has developed VernovaPure, its latest biodegradable malodour neutralising technology. According to Iberchem, the new technology is suitable for a wide array of fragrance applications, including air care and fabric care, and effective for many malodours such as sweat and cigarette odours.

Biodegradable and efficient

Utilising chemical neutralisation, VernovaPure is claimed to deliver more effective performance than Iberchem’s traditional malodour neutralising technology NeoPure and will therefore be the technological base of all new odour-neutralising fragrances created by Iberchem.

Degrading ≥ 60% within 28 days, with further degradation afterward, Iberchem’s VernovaPure also matches with the requirement of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards of Readily Biodegradable.

"This malodour neutralising technology positions Iberchem as an innovator in fragrance technology solutions as we deliver high performance, environmentally conscious fragrances which meet consumer’s olfactive expectations. I look forward to seeing VernovaPure thrive in a variety of applications and delivering more sustainable, tailor-made fragrance technologies in the future," said Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem.