Aude de Livonnière, CEO, Livcer

Aude de Livonnière, CEO, Livcer

Founded in 1988, the family business has acquired unique expertise in the cosmetics sector in the design and production of thermoformed parts, ideally suited to single-dose product testing, at home or at the point of sale (POS) or for sales products. The thermoforming technology applied to plastic sheets allows producing simple or complex shapes of any size, quickly and at very competitive prices. It is suitable for a wide variety of textures - liquids, powders, creams, cushions, or solids - and usages, through vertical or horizontal filling. Whether for product testing or the manufacture of single-dose cures, Livcer primarily serves the make-up and skincare segments, with the emphasis on a premium consumer experience, in compliance with environmental, hygiene and safety requirements.

"Leveraging on twenty years of experience in the production of thermoformed doses, we are constantly developing, with the help of our clients and suppliers, a wide range of innovations to make the sample and the single-dose a product with real added value. In 2020, our consumption patterns and habits have fundamentally changed as a result of the pandemic," explains Aude de Livonnière, CEO of the company.

The company quickly adapted its offer and accelerated its innovation in response to the new hygiene requirements imposed in POS by the health context. The Livstick, launched in 2020 to allow the safe testing of lipstick, is an example of this. The sample comes in the form of a stick made of wood, cardboard or recycled plastic, the tip of which is coated with a small amount of lipstick; the whole of it is slipped into an eco-designed unit blister pack made of over 60% recycled material. "The Livstick allows the consumer to test the product in total confidence. It can be distributed as a sample for home testing or as an in-store tester," emphasises Aude de Livonnière.

Livcer has also expanded its catalogue to include thermoformed doses or blisters in even more minimalist formats, of 2ml or even 0.5ml, which correspond to the exact dose of formula to be tested.

Green attitude

The necessary eco-design of products increasingly involves the use of green alternatives to traditionally used materials. This includes the elimination of aluminium foil in favour of paper and the use of mono-material laminates made from recycled plastic. All the product and marketing information intended for the consumer can also be printed directly on the blister pack of the dose. This technological advance eliminates the need to add the associated cardboard packaging.

"Eco-sourced materials are starting to appear and we are studying various sources, such as coconut and hemp fibres. The green attitude is not a passing trend but a real issue that is part of a work-in-progress approach. We are intensifying tests to offer a range of solutions that would suit each cosmetic formula," adds the Head of the company.

Committed with Ecocert for many years, Livcer achieved the Gold level of recognition following its Ecovadis evaluation, thus placing itself in the 5% of companies with the best ratings by this organization.