Founder of the Huda Beauty brand, Huda Kattan has conquered the hearts of the public in recent years with her highly-covering foundations that conceal signs of aging and imperfections. The makeup artist and businesswoman is now adapting to evolving expectations of consumers, in search of more natural, transparent compositions, with a new brand of care and makeup, GloWish.

Men’s and women’s grooming habits have been turned upside down by the health crisis, all over the world. Wearing a mask has convinced — or forced — many people to stop wearing makeup, while the successive lockdowns, restrictions and working from home have encouraged people to spend more time in the bathroom, not applying makeup, but taking care of their skin with products that are generally more natural, or even home-made.

This desire for a return to a more natural, authentic beauty, by "caring" for the skin rather than hiding it, has been heard by cosmetic brands who, more than one year after the start of the pandemic, are focusing mainly on products formulated from natural, organic, and/or vegan ingredients, intended to give the skin radiance without suffocating it and to help it defend itself against external aggressions.

Clean and ethical approach

Huda Kattan, who founded the brand Huda Beauty, is addressing these consumer expectations with a new line designed with a clean approach and a concern for social and ethical responsibility, GloWish. It includes makeup, but also skincare products, all developed with at least 80% of ingredients of natural origin, without fragrance or drying alcohols. All products come in packaging made from recycled materials and boxes made from FSC-certified paper and 100% recyclable.

I noticed that as I spent more time focused on my skin, I found a greater appreciation and acceptance of it. It became healthier, more even and brighter, and I felt more confident and accepting of my skin in a way I never had before. Blemishes or no blemishes, I have learned to embrace and truly respect my skin. I wanted to create products that let me show that newfound confidence and the skin that I loved, not hide it away," explained Huda Kattan.

GloWish by Huda Beauty selected three star natural ingredients, Damascus rose oil, red bell pepper extract, and plant-derived squalane, which will be found in many of the products. Some of them are used in the composition of the brand’s first two makeup essentials: Soft Radiance bronzing powder, which gives a tanned complexion while nourishing the skin, and Multidew skin tint, designed to give the skin a natural glow. Both will be available in a variety of shades to suit a wide range of people.

GloWish will be available June 1 via Sephora stores and online and via