Valérie Demars, founder

Valérie Demars, founder

But just because Valérie Demars had embarked on the Léa Nature adventure alongside Charles Kloboukoff, does not mean she had forgotten her childhood dream, to create perfumes. In June 2015, she launched the brand Aimée de Mars, named after her grandmother, her source of inspiration. "It couldn’t be more obvious since I wanted to make love perfumes," she says. The range consists of ten fragrances formulated with 96 to 100% ingredients of natural origin. She combines the 21 essential oils used in the composition of each perfume with St Genou spring water, which is renowned for its therapeutic benefits. The production is vegan, and is also based on organic wheat alcohol.

"The idea is to reconnect people to their deepest being through the vibration of the plants and the essential oil, this is the registered concept of Aromaparfums®," explains Valérie Demars.

Hence, to the olfactory value of the plant is added the emotional action emanating from the essential oil. "Cheerful bergamot, puts a smile on the lips, immortal helps to overcome emotional blows, etc.," Illustrates the perfume creator.

Valérie Demars works with a limited palette of 300 natural ingredients, yet the olfactory result is very real with sensual, woody, floral fragrances, with a lasting and assertive trail.

These Eaux de Parfums are a way of reconnecting with the perfumery of times gone by. Many of our customers who no longer wore perfume are now delighted to take a renewed interest in perfumes with these creations. Today, the majority of conventional perfumes are made with more than 80% of chemical ingredients, in which some consumers no longer find their marks," explains Valérie Demars.

The range of Elixirs brings the combined olfactory and emotional experience to the next level, by including in each bottle a precious or semi-precious stone, carrying beneficial energies. Mystique Améthyste, Sensuel Rubis or Divine Émeraude, the three new compositions, 100% natural and Cosmos certified, like each Elixir de parfum, act on an emotion associated with the mineral. In the Christmas Collection, the precious stones in the bottle are cut and can be recovered from the bottle once empty.

With the second brand Eau de Mars, the compositions, again based on AromaPerfumery, are more gourmand and target a young audience. Each perfume is linked to a personality illustrated by a divinity, and a skincare action. Using the Aromatest available on the site, the user can discover the fragrance matching her profile.

Proposed at EUR 39 for the 30 ml bottle and EUR 76 for the 50 ml bottle, products from Maison de Mars are available in 400 points of sale in France, in pharmacies, organic stores, the Beauty Success institutes or networks as well as in Germany in the Muller retail network.

The e-commerce site is based on the "Happy or Refunded" principle, offering for each order three samples, including a sample of the product ordered, with the possibility of returning the product and getting a refund after testing it.