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Heinz-Glas strengthens its footprint in high-end glass for perfumes with the acquisition of Saverglass’ flacon business

Announced last Tuesday, during the Luxe Pack Monaco trade show, the acquisition of Saverglass’ flacon business by Germany’s Heinz-Glas, has put the spotlight on the dynamism of the high-end glass bottle market and consequent tensions over the sector’s production capabilities. A situation that encourages market players to refocus on their core business. For Heinz-Glass, this is an important opportunity to strengthen its footprint in the perfume sector, particularly in the fast-growing segment of niche perfumery.

Saverglass, a world leader in the production of super-premium bottle for the wines and spirits markets, has sold its flacon business to German glassmaker Heinz-Glass, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of premium and luxury glass bottles and jars for the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Jean-Marc Arrambourg and Carl-August Heinz agree the deal on 28 September 2018

Jean-Marc Arrambourg and Carl-August Heinz agree the deal on 28 September 2018

In a context of strong global demand for high-end glass bottles - linked in particular to the accelerated premiumization in several markets (rosé wines and olive oils in Europe, tequilas, mezcal and rums on the American continent, skincare around the world), Saverglass wants to focus its production capabilities on its key markets. Thus, in June 2018, the group started a new glass and decor factory in Mexico, adding the new facility to the five already existing on three continents [1], in order to meet the strong demand for high-end bottles in the American wines and spirits market.

Launched in 1997, the production of glass bottles for perfumes enabled the French glassmaker to strengthen its culture and know-how in high-end glass and to develop a portfolio of loyal customers and a comprehensive and highly appreciated range of standard designs, especially for niche perfume brands. This business, however, only counted for a minor proportion of Saverglass’ net sales.

The acquisition of the Saverglass’ flacon business enables Heinz-Glas to broaden both its customer base and its portfolio of standard designs, a perfect match with its extensive offering of finishing technologies and plastic caps for premium and luxury glass bottles and jars.

The Heinz-Glas Group, whose history dates back to 1622, is headquartered in Kleintettau, Germany, with operations in 12 countries and three continents. “The entire Heinz-Glas team feels a responsibility to serve customers in the future at least as good as Saverglass did in the past,” said Carl-August Heinz, owner and president of Heinz-Glas Group.

The transfer of the Saverglass production business to Heinz-Glas is set to take place on the 1st of January 2019. A task force comprising teams from both companies has been set up to ensure a smooth transition for customers. “We are going to take all measures to satisfy customers. I’ll be in Feuquières this week to start working on the transition,” told Rudolf Wurm, Commercial Director of Heinz Glas and Managing Director of Heinz Glas France, to Premium Beauty News. “We want to capitalize on the excellent work done by Saverglass,” he added.

Vincent Gallon


[1] The Mexican site in Guadalajara adds up to the three existing glass production sites in France (Feuquières, Le Havre and Arques) and in the United Arab Emirates (Ras Al Khaimah), and to three sites dedicated to decoration in France (Feuquières, Arques and Coulommiers)

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