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HCT in full industrial redeployment

It looks like another good year lies ahead for the HCT Group. The beauty packaging and full-service specialist will record sales in excess of $300 million, marking an increase of more than 15% compared with the previous year.

Tim Thorpe, Group President

Tim Thorpe, Group President

Representing the majority of its business, the Unites States remains the continent on which the company performs best, and by far. It is followed by Asia, where the Group boasts considerable growth. As we know the HCT management team has turned its attention to Europe in recent months, and has repositioned its business in the Old World, boldly and with success, with a full-service offer aimed at servicing retail-owned brands (, 15 April 2013).

The result: sales in excess of €45 million and a desire to make a strong comeback in Europe with an innovative packaging solution, proven by Arnaud Audebourg’s arrival in the team a few weeks ago at the head of this business activity.

An industrial player in its own right

Within the space of five years, the face of the HCT Group has radically changed. What was originally a European packaging vendor has become a full-fledged industrial player in the full-service sector for formulas, packaging, filling and cosmetic brushes. A new business model that has thrust the company to the forefront of the scene as a key industrial player in the sector. Today, HCT employs in excess of two hundred people and more than four thousand in the world if you include those working in the Asian factories owned in whole or in part by the Group.

As a result, the company’s ambition has multiplied with its desire to become a global player. Not only do HCT’s leaders invest some ten million dollars each year in their Asian factories, but they also aspire to having an industrial presence in North America, in South America and even in Europe within the space of two years. A new factory in China is also on the point of being commissioned.

Innovation and flexibility

HCT’s current product range couldn’t be more extensive or comprehensive. It includes make-up boxes, lipstick tubes, mascaras, lip glosses, eyeliners, brushes and applicators. The latest product to hit the catalogue is a full range of airless packaging in partnership with the Korean firm Pum-Tech. “But our great strength lies in our unwavering determination to propose innovative solutions and to live by our credo, which comprises two key words: flexibility and responsiveness,” says Tim Thorpe, Group President.

Another plus is the company’s complete mastery of formulation development and manufacturing. “We surround ourselves with the best specialists in this field. We attach great importance to maintaining and even fostering this constant open-mindedness that has served us so well over the years. We are open to everything, and are always prepared to enter uncharted territory”, says Nick Gardner, Executive Vice President of Sales.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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