In today’s fast-moving beauty landscape, HCP Group proactively invests in key strategic initiatives to provide brands the best possible response time for the design, development and successful mass production of new primary packaging,” explains the company in a statement.

‘Centre of Excellence’ for Fast Development

The group has recently opened a Centre of Excellence dedicated to “Fast Development’ at its existing manufacturing hub in Suzhou, China.

The newly implemented ‘Centre of Excellence’ unites technical talents in the research, development and realisation of primary packaging, decoration and associated latest technologies,” highlights HCP Packaging.

The mission of the “dynamic and multifaceted team” is to continuously shorten the lead-time of new product development, to find innovative finishing techniques and expedite launches to the market.

Bringing a synergised approach to HCP Group’s international manufacturing plants across Asia, North America and Europe, the team support new mould and product qualification plus state-of-the-art automation to ensure rapid, smooth and effective high-quality mass production on a global scale,” adds the company.

Capabilities in aluminium transformation

To further expand its production capabilities in Asia, HCP has acquired the remaining 50% shares of Hetian Packaging, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the group.

Hetian Packaging is among the biggest aluminium parts forming and anodising factories in China. It has been a key and successful part of aluminium parts supply to HCP Group since its’ establishment in 2013.

With this 100% ownership, HCP now have direct control of manufacturing and development capabilities of aluminium, which is becoming more and more important to the cosmetic market,” explains the company. “HCP can now make more aggressive investment into its’ manufacturing capacity and more importantly into its’ new product development and innovation which is key for today’s success in the beauty industry.

This acquisition adds to an already strong plastic cosmetic container manufacturing capability of HCP. With this new acquisition, HCP now has 10 manufacturing plants globally: 5 in China; 3 in North America and 2 in Europe.

HCP will continue to look for further acquisition opportunities around the world,” adds the group.