The HCP Packaging Group has celebrated the start of the expansion of its Rusi manufacturing site in Bechhofen, Germany. The project is part of a multi-year, multi-phase expansion investment decided in the wake of HCP’s acquisition of Rusi last year.

Left to right: Simone Schmid-Schöniger, Architect; Mayor Mr Helmut Schnotz;...

Left to right: Simone Schmid-Schöniger, Architect; Mayor Mr Helmut Schnotz; Stefan Horndasch, Deputy County Commissioner of Ansbach; Eddy Wu, President & CEO HCP Group; Klaus Sindel, President HCP-Rusi; Carlos Aquino, Co-MD HCP-Rusi.

The expansion programme involves the addition of two new production buildings on the existing Rusi site, installation of new equipment for injection moulding and decoration of cosmetics packaging, which will increase the existing annual manufacturing capacity by over 60%. The new buildings will incorporate the very latest German energy-efficient technologies.

"Not only will we expand the capacity, we will also broaden the capability...

"Not only will we expand the capacity, we will also broaden the capability of Rusi by bringing in new product lines,” announced Eddy Wu, President & CEO HCP Group

Expected to be fully operational by October 2018, this investment demonstrates HCP’s long-term commitment to make Rusi Germany the hub of its European manufacturing platform, bringing additional employment opportunities to the region. This strategic growth investment is a further move to better support our customers’ regional sourcing objectives in Europe,” explains the HCP Packaging Group in a release.

HCP is a global designer, developer and manufacture of primary packaging containers for the cosmetics, skincare and fragrance industries. The company’s product portfolio includes standard and customised compacts, kits, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, pots, jars, tottles, bottles, closures and other cosmetic items. HCP acquired Rusi in September last year in the wake of the earlier acquisition (2016) of Paris-based SIMP, an innovative manufacturer of high-precision micro-injected mascara brushes, with the aim to offer very compelling full-pack mascara solutions fully made in Europe.