The Omani luxury perfume brand announces annual growth of +24% in 2023.

Retail sales in European markets increased by over 39%, boosted by strong performance at flagship department stores. In the Asia-Pacific region, Amouage announces a 28% growth, while Americas marked a growth of over 21%. In the GCC region, standout countries were Oman, where sales grew by 33% like-for-like, and the United Arab Emirates, where sales increased over 30%. Also, sales grew by over 31%. Eventually, Amouage boutiques recorded growth of 27%, with new stand-alone mono-brand luxury retail experiences across key geographies, including China, USA, UAE, Travel Retail as well as Malaysia and Oman.

Amouage annual retail sales have more than doubled over the past three years, now surpassing USD 210 million.

Amouage’s strongest performing markets have remained Oman, the UAE, the USA, and China, which together account for over 40% of the total revenue.

"Our record sales in 2023 highlight a resounding customer demand across all product lines from Amouage. Our sustained strong performance has been achieved against a volatile macroeconomic backdrop and reflects our unwavering commitment to creativity, quality, and desirability when it comes to our products and distribution networks. Creations such as Guidance Eau de Parfum, which became our global bestselling line, further cemented Amouage’s position as one of the best-performing High Perfumery Houses," said Marco Parsiegla, Chief Executive Officer of Amouage.