For the third chapter of its Odyssey Collection, Amouage unveils a quartet of new perfumes portraying all the complexity of Oman’s greatest treasure and pride, frankincense.

Each of the four new creations of the Oman-based brand laces frankincense with a broad palette of rare ingredients in a display of tradition-steeped modernity. By exploring introspective themes, Lineage, Search, Guidance, and Purpose speak of escapism, the strive to grow, the search for a new path and the finding of a new life – transformation at last.

"When exploring Oman, you can often feel like touching treasures in a very pure way. A lot of my ideas come from travelling alone, from going somewhere. The third chapter of The Odyssey Collection emulates this escapism and Oman’s memorable redolence. This collection is a singular, introspective olfactory voyage that should stir successive feelings of curiosity with Lineage, courage with Search, inner triumph with Guidance and a sense of awakening with purpose. By focusing this collection on the barren Omani island of Masirah, I wanted to pay tribute to Amouage’s roots in a contemporary language, staying true to the House’s ethos, or ’wave’, to bring cultures and generations together," commented Renaud Salmon, who has been at the helm of Amouage’s creative direction since 2019.

To bring this new chapter to life, Amouage collaborated with perfumers chosen for their creativity and sense of poetry: Karine Vinchon-Spehner (Lineage) – whom previously worked with the House on fragrances including Interlude Woman, Memoir Man, Overture Man and Boundless – as well as Quentin Bisch (Guidance and Purpose) and Alexis Grugeon (Search).

The Odyssey Collection: Chapter III – Escape is available in all Amouage boutiques and distributors worldwide and can be purchased online at