Greentech, a French company specializing in natural cosmetic actives opens two new laboratories:

- A microbiology laboratory dedicated to microbiological analysis as part of its daily quality assurance process for all its ingredients.
- A new R&D laboratory specialising in fermentation technology.

Working even more closely with its sister companies Greensea (marine actives) and Biovitis (micro-organisms), Greentech is now creating original actives from the synergy of the botanical and microorganism worlds. At In-Cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg, the company thus launched two new brand ranges of actives, the Probiophytes, including the Probiophyte Fresh, which is a bacterial ferment active that specifically targets the bacteria causing body odour without altering normal body flora, and the Ferment’Actives, which are “obtained by customised, controlled fermentation of a specific plant.

This Greentech’s latter range includes:

- Ferment’Active Goji Skin Protection that “contains 3.3 times the amount of polyphenols compared to a regular goji extract
- Ferment’Active Raspberry Brightening, that “contains 38 times the amount of AHA’s compared to a regular raspberry extract
- Ferment’Active Pomegranate Anti-Ageing, which “has an antioxidant power 1.5 times greater than a classic pomegranate Extract.