Dubbed GREENette, ABC Texture’s new range of natural or organic certifiable products represents a straight continuation of the company’s history of nature-based innovations.

The range features foundations, lipsticks, face care and sun care formulations offering between 95 and 100% of natural ingredients. “The variety of textures and shades created offers many possibilities, and allows everyone to find the most suitable for his skin type and the desired result” said the company in statement.

The foundations of the GREENette range offer textures with a matte or glow...

The foundations of the GREENette range offer textures with a matte or glow finish, with over 97% ingredients of natural origin

The foundations, for instance, offer textures with a matte or glow finish, with over 97% ingredients of natural origin, including natural active ingredients suitable for both oily and dry skin types. The coverage is more or less intense, depending on the expected result.

The formulas of the entire GREENette lip range reach more than 99% natural and organic origin ingredients, both for the creamy lipsticks and for the liquid matte or shiny lipsticks that are available in bright or soft colours depending on the user’s choice.

As far as face care is concerned, the GREENette range is based on ABC Texture’s Bubbles innovative texture that combines an oily phase and aqueous phase to deliver specific active ingredients and leave a protective film on the skin. The formulas are free from surfactants and alcohol and are composed of a minimum of 98% natural and organic origin ingredients.

A concealer completes the range with a formulation reaching more than 99% of natural and organic origin ingredients.

New sensorial experiences

While consumers are looking for more natural products, they have absolutely not given up on the quality of textures and want always be surprised. Within the GREENette range, ABC Texture therefore developed the Bouncy sub-line with products having a soft, gummy-like texture that transforms into a fluid when applied on skin.

The Bouncy textures can be used for both make-up products and skin care formulations.

As far as make-up is concerned, ABC Texture showcased All-Over Bouncy Vegan, a 3-in-1 formulation that can be used as an eyeshadow, a blush and a lipstick. It creates a natural but sophisticated monochromatic effect and contains almost 99 percent of natural ingredients. The Bouncy highlighter combines this innovative texture with 94% of natural and organic ingredients for a pleasant application and a glowy finish.

All-Over Bouncy Vegan by ABC Texture

All-Over Bouncy Vegan by ABC Texture

Eventually, a Bouncy sunscreen based on nano-free mineral filters top the whole range. It offers a SPF30 sun protection and leaves no white mark when applied on the skin with a formula containing 97% of natural ingredients.

ABC Texture thus achieved a rare combination of naturalness, innovation and sensorial features.