The French company had already developed Paperscent, a contactless technology launched in 2018 to test perfumes on paper in physical stores. This time, the self-sufficient test provides an answer adapted to all viscosities. Paperscent is designed to replace testing bottles: this compact case integrated to the store’s furniture can be personalized by the brands. It delivers a card that is instantaneously sprayed with perfume and personalized.

Customers want to be on their own when they go shopping. Our technologies are designed to arouse consumers’ curiosity: they act as ‘traffic stoppers’. Thanks to Paperscent, we observed an increase in the number of tests carried out, which in turn increased sales by 30%. It is also a way to preserve olfactory quality: the spray delivers the right dose of perfume directly from the bottle, but since this happens inside the case, you do not have all sorts of smells diffused in the store,” explains Arthur Hagiage, President of GK Concept.

Dropper delivers an accurate dose without any contact

Building upon the success of Paperscent, which several major brands have already adopted, GK Concept decided to apply the same concept to cosmetics testing, in particular skincare and makeup testing. Based on the same principle, this technology lies in a highly compact case which easily mingles with the store’s furniture and can be personalized: it can detect movements to deliver the right dose of fluid, whatever the viscosity.

Since our machine is small, you can put 33 of them in one linear metre, which is pretty interesting for the whole range of foundation shades, for example. But Dropper works with all types of liquid products, creams, foundations, serums, perfumes” says Arthur Hagiage.

Just like with Paperscent, the dose of product is directly taken from the brand’s bottle or jar. The system can adapt to the container size to avoid any repacking and protects the formula from any external contamination.

The case is either plugged or powered with a battery. For controlled, continuous use, it is connected, so beauty advisors are directly informed with a notification when the device should be recharged.

The success of our technologies lies in their being constantly functional: we have developed our own in-store predictive, easy-to-use maintenance system,” adds the President.

The made-in-France Dropper electronic technology is in line with the current redefinition of in-store testing, which should now be contactless. Already familiar with hand sanitizer dispensing technology based on movement detection, consumers can now discover the experience of safe self-sufficient testing.

And for brands, it is an opportunity to provide a low-cost solution.