Following a collaboration of several years, Carestia Arcade Beauty has finalised a partnership agreement for the exclusive manufacture of blotters distributed by Paperscent across the world. This new generation of contactless perfume testers could record accelerated development as retailers are seeking solutions to the hygienic concerns linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

Developed by French-based company GK Concept, Paperscent takes the form of a compact case or a dispenser designed to distribute samples at point of sale, providing consumers with scented touches. Tailored to the design of the brand or the POS display, the device is able to decorate the blotter in real time by embossing a logo before impregnating it with the chosen fragrance. Carestia is able to supply blotters either undecorated, printed or hot gilded beforehand.

The machine works with any type of standard test bottle thanks to an integrated pump. The consumer only has to pull on the blotter to impregnate it and thus leave with a fragrance sample without having touched anything else than a virgin piece of paper.

Joint research

Carestia Arcade Beauty has conducted joint research with GK Concept to define a classification of card that is compatible with the decoration technique of the machine, and to guarantee universal compatibility of the paper with the fragrances and inks used.

The two companies signed a partnership agreement giving Carestia exclusive rights to manufacture the blotters used by the PaperScent machine across the world.