Initially launched in 2020, Givaudan’s MoodScentz technology was designed to allow perfumers and oral care flavourists to create compositions that positively enhance emotions.

According to Givaudan, the new MoodScentz+ enables the identification and creation of innovative solutions to deliver a new cartography of emotions for scent and taste. MoodScentz+ relies on patent-pending creative fragrance and oral care flavours design based on combinations of ingredients with specific scientific and consumer-proven mood benefits. “The upgraded platform is the result of four years of partnership with world-renowned academic leaders and a heritage of more than 35 years in neuroscience research,” claims Givaudan in a statement.

MoodScentz+ covers an extensive range of positive moods, including: Relax & Unwind, Invigorate & Recharge, Happy & Blissful.

The research behind MoodScentz+ builds upon the company’s existing neurobiology innovation:

 Reliable mood-enhancing fragrance and oral care flavour design algorithms covering an extensive olfactive palette and supporting all product categories;
 Real-time emotional response measurement, using the novel InSituScanz brain-imaging capability, available worldwide;
 Scientific validation with more than 7000 people through a combined approach using InSituScanz, and verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Consumers highly interested in holistic perfumery

By unlocking a deeper understanding of consumer needs, the upgraded platform broadens the potential for mood-enhancing across all fragranced products categories and oral care flavours.

MoodScentz+ therefore perfectly matches with current expectations from consumers. In a post-pandemic world, where mental health has become a top priority, a recent Givaudan research found that 85% of people think that fragrance can positively impact their mood and well-being [1].

Givaudan will present the latest advancements in the development of fragrance based on neurobiology during the next Fragrance Innovation Summit in Paris: