Scentaurus Melrose is the latest addition to Givaudan’s palette of biodegradable fragrance precursors. This class of fragrances are designed to release fragrant molecules upon exposure to a natural external trigger such as oxygen, light, or humidity in the air. Using this technology for fragrance creation allows to bring long lastingness to fragrances in products such as fabric or home and personal care products.

It is a novel way of formulating that reinvents fragrance architecture by delivering some notes at later stages in order to satisfy consumer needs for performance and long lastingness,” explains Givaudan in a statement.

Biodegradable and sustainable molecule

Scentaurus Melrose adds to the existing family of fragrance precursors first introduced in 2006 with Scentaurus Tonkarose, the first light cleavable precursor in the perfumer’s palette, and the first to release two different odorants.

The palette has grown to currently include Scentaurus Tonkarose, Scentaurus Clean, Scentaurus Juicy and Scentaurus Berry, each with a versatile olfactive profile that expands and enhances the cross-category creative range of Givaudan’s perfumers. Each Scentaurus ingredient is exclusive to the company.

Scentaurus Melrose was developed according to the principles of Green Chemistry using Givaudan’s proprietary FiveCarbon Path where all carbon atoms in the bio-based starting material end up in the final product, resulting in zero carbon waste.

This exclusive research and development process brings an eco-minded approach to continuously improve the palette of fragrance ingredients by using materials based on renewable carbon while improving processes to reduce carbon and energy input,” adds the company.

Long-lasting floral green effect

Scentaurus Melrose expands the company’s variety of scents with a long-lasting floral green effect with honey and linden blossom facets, and floral fresh rosy signals with powdery anisic undertones.

The first time I smelled Scentaurus Melrose, I found myself back on the French Riviera where I grew up, amidst the mimosa fields with their delicate combination of green, floral and powdery notes. In addition to its obvious green and honey notes, Melrose has a soft, powdery floral facet, making it an amazing precursor for adding a natural green floral character to any creation,” commented Paolo Andriollo, Givaudan Perfumer.