Formulated with 95% of natural origin ingredients 'My Blue Guard High...

Formulated with 95% of natural origin ingredients ’My Blue Guard High Defence’ is marketed as a day cream and morning ritual to ensure perfect skin to young consumers

In order to address the demand for a perfect “Instagrammable” skin while responding to the concomitant quest for natural ingredients and high sensory features, Givaudan’s Active Beauty division has launched a new skincare concept at the in-cosmetics Asia trade show on 5 -7 November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. Based on botanicals, the product is formulated with 95% of natural origin ingredients and is marketed as a day cream and morning ritual to ensure perfect skin to young consumers.

Designed to protect young consumers’ skin against daily aggressions, in particular from blue light, My Blue Guard HD “represents an ideal balance between natural ingredients and biotechnology,” claims Givaudan Active Beauty. “As soon as applied, consumers will have an immediate feeling of hydration - ready to face their frenetic and digital life,” adds the company.

According to Givaudan’s the new concept is consistent with findings of their Clean and Natural Study 2019 demonstrating that 92% of people are interested in the concept of ‘clean beauty’ and that 75% of them are even more interested in products powered by biotechnology.

My Blue Guard HD was a great challenge for our formulation team to create a concept dedicated to Generation Z. It allowed us to go beyond what we did before by creating a refined skin care product that offers a perfect ‘Instagrammable’ skin while bringing sensoriality thanks to its specific velvety texture, soft touch and fine floral scent. Simple and pure, this is the perfect incarnation of efficiency to take care of their specific skin types,” said Caroline Reverte, Formulation Project Manager at Givaudan Active Beauty.

A combination of four natural active ingredients

The “My Blue Guard HD” concept is infused by four active ingredients for several benefits:

- Hydration: Hydranellys, a by-product of ‘Selaginella Pulvinata’ inspired from Traditional Chinese Medicine that helps to increase skin moisture and strengthen the barrier function. It also restores water and lipid balance.
- Radiance: Eliorelys, an active ingredient extracted from fresh cherry blossoms that improves the quality of the skin showing signs of photo ageing. According to Givaudan, measures of visible aspects and texture of the skin demonstrate it can protect against blue-light and repair photo-induced skin damages.
- Gentle exfoliation, through the action of hibiscus acids, a series of botanical extracts traditionally used topically to soothe the skin.
- Skin defence, thanks to CristalHyal MW+, a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid crafted by white biotechnology. The biomimetic active ingredient acts as a film generator which protects the skin from external aggressions and ensures its hydration.