Givaudan Active Beauty is strengthening its well-ageing portfolio with the launch of Siliphos, a natural alternative to retinoids.

The new active ingredient is extracted by green fractionation from milk thistle fruits and powered by Phytosome technology. According to Givaudan Active Beauty, Siliphos outperforms bakuchiol - the current plant-based retinol alternative benchmark. Thanks to a high tolerability profile, Siliphos challenges retinoid efficacy by reducing wrinkles without side effects. It is therefore suitable for delicate skin.

Siliphos is the first natural alternative to retinoids and bakuchiol capable of providing well-ageing benefits comparable to retinol. Extracted from Silybum marianum Gaertn fruit, it acts directly on collagen production to provide a natural, safe and efficient skincare solution, suitable for even most delicate skins,” said Giada Maramaldi, Botanical Actives Category Manager for Active Beauty.

The well-ageing performance of Siliphos was tested in a clinical study on volunteers presenting crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. According to Givaudan, all tests demonstrated Siliphos to significantly outperform bakuchiol and act as efficiently as retinoids by reducing:

- Crow’s feet wrinkles by x2 (at D56 versus placebo),
- Overall facial wrinkles by x2.3 (at D56 versus placebo)
- Number of forehead wrinkles by 21.2% (at D56 versus bakuchiol)
- Circumference of forehead wrinkles by 17.4% (at D56 versus bakuchiol)
- Redness by 22.9% (at D56 versus retinoid).

Siliphos was developed to address the growing demand for efficient natural cosmetic alternatives. According to Givaudan’s global CMI study [1], 77% of the consumers across six countries declared that they would be very interested in a natural version of retinol: enjoying the multiple skin benefits without worrying about the potential side effects, such as redness, dryness and irritation.