French Biscotos has chosen to disrupt traditional perfumery codes with a unique collection six fragrances with unforgettable names.

Created by Serge de Oliveira, perfumer at Robertet, the brand’s six men’s fragrances are no less singular than their quirky names: Beau bébé (beautiful baby), Dur à cuire (tough guy), Garde du corps (bodyguard), Loup de mer (seafarer), Loup solitaire (lone wolf) and Maître-nageur (lifeguard). Transcending the cliché of the perfect guy, they allow themselves a strong dose of humor with a touch of derision.

For the launch, the brand entrusted Coverpla with the development of its packaging - bottle, cap, spray pump and pump cover.

The brand selected the standard Parme bottle in a 100ml format for its stature, softened by curved edges and a thick base. It is topped with the Gator cap in a gun-metal shade. “It owes its elegance to its aluminum cladding with a striated décor,” said Coverpla. Inside, the insert is injected from recycled Surlyn.