A specialist in turnkey perfumery solutions, Coverpla stood out early on for its injected insert-free Surlyn caps. But in order to respond to demand for a more diverse offer, Coverpla has developed, with certain of its partners, caps in aluminum, zamak, wood and other resins that necessitated the use of an insert. Today, the Nice-based company is expanding its range of caps with the aim of offering 100% sustainable solutions.

Mono-material caps

Ever since its first collections of caps, the company has focused heavily on working its molds so that the caps produced allow the part to clip directly onto the pump cover. These caps, mainly injected in Surlyn, are therefore perfect candidates for recycling.

In line with its eco-design goals, Coverpla has been looking at the potential of both mono-material caps and caps with removable inserts.

The company benefits notably from the innovation capacity of its Spanish partner Pujolasos to expand its offer with an exclusive cap design made from FSC wood and fitted with a compressed cork insert or a PP part that can be removed easily by the consumer in order to be recycled.

Cork inserts

Coverpla’s new generation wooden caps, with the names TOO-DOO and TORRID, both have cork inserts. In a second stage, almost all the wooden caps in its catalog will be offered with cork inserts.

Finally, Coverpla has developed a specific mold that will allow it to manufacture a cap from bio-sourced resin, for example PLA, which is 100% biodegradable.