Figures speak for themselves; the decrease in volume sales of organic cosmetics is ever present, in a French beauty and hygiene market which is also declining. In June 2022, the hygiene and care sector fell by 25.2% in the specialised organic channel (BioAnalytics 2022 data), while the other distribution channels, pharmacies and supermarkets, fared slightly better.

Despite this difficult context, companies are continuing to invest to offer products that are more in line with the demand for simplicity of use and zero waste. Solid or powder formulas, therefore, were found in large numbers on the stands of exhibitors. The search for a fair price is also becoming a decisive factor in the purchasing act, knowing that on average organic products are 15 to 30% more expensive.

Zero waste, practicality, back to basics

Another new use is given to the container with the solid cosmetics proposed by the Anaé brand. Thanks to a partnership with the Duralex glass factory, the glass jars with different sizes of balms are reusable; the same goes for the lids made of cork from Portugal. The products consist of relaxing massage balms with hemp oil, nourishing balms with camelina oil or mentholated oil for the sport version, in 60ml format, as well as deodorant balms in 80ml format.

At Perlucine, a discovery offering of mini formats, at a small price (6.45 €), allows testing the products, all of which are composed of oyster shell powder from Brittany. The hygiene kit includes a shampoo, a face cleanser, toothpaste, a shower powder and a deodorant, in 3g sachets. The well-thought salt shaker-shaped packaging delivers the right amount of powder in a very practical way.

Mention should be made of Savons du Léman, a Nature et Progrès labelled brand, and of its founder Sandra Rembert, a soap maker who offers a specific range of organic soaps for short- and long-haired dogs, cats and equines as an addition to hygiene soaps. Particular attention has been given to the visual aspect of the soaps thanks to added natural pigments.

New at Lamazuna is a baby range, with three solid products: a balm to protect babies from diaper rash, a perfume-free and surgras massage butter. Also, a solid shampoo with Lavandin oil to prevent head lice, as well as solid conditioners.

For DIY enthusiasts, steam face masks from the Mas du Roseau brand. Packaged in canvas bags, the user simply takes the amount he needs and infuses it with hot water.

The organic ingress in beauty salons, a trend to follow

At Beauty Garden, the Sothys Group’s institute brand, everything originates from an organic permaculture garden in Corrèze, for a "seed to cream" concept. All the products on offer are made from crops grown in situ. Institute treatments such as "Lâcher Prise" or "Détox" follow the same four-phase ritual: first contact, nature in the skin, immersion and a gentle return with a seasonal organic herbal tea. Peppermint, birch, meadowsweet, Calendula, Camomile... plants that are key components of this skincare ritual.

Super-fruits and terroir for ingredients

Superfruits are always in the spotlight; alongside cranberries, blueberries and pomegranates, mulberries come from a tree in the mulberry family, not to be confused with wild blackberry. It is a powerful, resveratrol-rich antioxidant.

Thanks to both, the local food movement and the (hyper-)short circuit trend, French and even regional raw materials are in high demand. With a strong identity, these raw materials enhance the notion of proximity: lavender from Provence, Breton seaweed, mountain gentian, Alpine aster... The Elixens company has made them its spearhead, in its organic range: lemon savoury from Provence, oily macerate of meadowsweet, calendula... This trend was also noticed this summer at the Vivaness trade show in Nuremberg.

Innovation in self-tanning products

Finally, let’s note the Gold Trophy won at the show by Laboratoires de Biarritz, for their self-tanning face and body drops, (launched in February 2022). The plus of this product: it can be mixed with any type of skin care formula (emulsion, gel, lotion, etc.). Depending on the phototype and the number of drops added to the usual skincare product, it allows obtaining a tailor-made tan. Made up of a self-tanning complex (DHA from rapeseed and corn erythrulose), of a patented red algae antioxidant extract, Alga-Gorria®, of moisturising organic glycerine (rapeseed) and of soothing and moisturising organic Aloe Vera, this very comprehensive formula, presented in a recyclable glass dropper bottle, is handy, portable and economical. Radiant skin and a healthy glow are guaranteed all year round!