Asquan has showcased the Essential Push Button Tottle, a 30ml refillable unit with an integrated ‘spring’ that dispenses out of the nozzle by depressing the tottle body from the end. There are two available size offerings of nozzle orifice (1.2mm & 2mm) to match a wide variety of formula viscosities. The tottle + nozzle refill unit snaps in and out of the outer housing for an easy and intuitive refill story.

The packaging is entirely made of PP (except for the nozzle, which is TPE). The outer housing and cap are suitable for various decorative processes including vacuum metallization, silk screen, soft touch, and spray decoration.

Berlin Packaging has introduced Airglass Jar, a collection of refillable airless glass jars available in 30 and 50 ml sizes. The concept allows consumers to reuse the jar many times by changing the refill jar in a few simple steps.

Made of glass with PP and PETG components, these jars can be completely disassembled, allowing the consumer to recycle the components by material.

Awarded at the end of 2021 by the Italian Association for Design (ADI, Associazione per il Designo Industriale), Lumson’s paper airless dispenser offers a lighter and greener alternative to plastic, glass or aluminium.

Actually, XPaper is an airless pouch technology in which the outershell is in cardboard. When dispensing the formulation, the pouch is squeezed, allowing a precise dose of product to be dispensed, without any air returning into the package. The airless pouch technology ensures maximum and hygienic preservation of the skincare or makeup formulas. When the product is finished, the consumer can easily separate the plastic components from the paper and recycle each part in the appropriate way.

Mktg Industry continues to bet on paperboard with refillable packaging solutions for sticks and lipsticks.

The company’s eco- friendly collection of refillable packaging features two new items: Lipstick GEA REFILL and Sticks GEA REFILL with cardboard/paper base, plastic inside mechanism, plastic sleeve easy to be removed and exchanged and cardboard/paper cap to allow a plastic reduction up to 75%.

According to Mktg Industry, “this easy-to-use refillable system allows to simply separate the plastic mechanism that contains the formula and replacing it with a new one that can be sold separately.” The GEA REFILL solutions are Mktg Industry’s answer to the increasing leaning of a zero-waste beauty world.

MYC Packaging Innovation unveiled a mascara packaging with a smart design to combine sustainability with luxury.

Refill Me mascara is a high-end mascara case that can be reused and refilled again, and again thanks to an intuitive refillable system: when the mascara refill is finished, one’s just has to pull out the cap, unscrew the collar, pull out the cartridge and insert a new one. The empty refill can be recycled. The concept is suitable for mascara as well as lash and eyebrow treatment, it can be easily tailored also for lip and face products.