The manufacturer of fragrances and aromas has joined forces with China-based perfumery studio Xun Laboratory to strengthen its footprint in China through the opening of a new fragrance creation centre taking rooted in the country’s rich history and culture.

A link between past and present

Housed in the Jin Ze Arts Centre, an organization aiming at the preservation and promotion of the tradition of Chinese fine craftsmanship and located in the western outskirt of Shanghai, the new centre – dubbed Villa Harmony – is intended to reinforce Firmenich’s cultural and historical understanding of Chinese Perfumery, thus offering an opportunity to connect tradition with modernity. According to Firmenich, the aim is to bring to life the unique history of ancient Chinese perfumery thus creating an avenue for customers to embrace ancestral Chinese culture and techniques.

The centre offers proximity to several ancient Chinese arts, while the research at Xun Laboratory gives privileged access into the 5,000-year heritage and unique knowledge of Chinese perfumery, literature and art. Complete with a botanical garden, the serene environment of Jin Ze Arts Centre provides an inspiring venue for the holistic cultivation of body, mind and spirit, allowing creators, researchers and visitors to be fully embraced in the rich heritage of Chinese Perfumery.

With this deep collaboration, the company aims to help clients enhance authentic storytelling to reflect the rich olfactive history in China, while introducing even more winning fragrances behind Designed-for-China-by-China products that are sought after by both local and global brands. The expert knowledge in ancient ingredients that Xun Laboratory brings to the partnership will also boost the endorsement of unique ingredient sources that are regarded as native to China,” explained the company in a statement.

Expanding capabilities in China

The opening of Villa Harmony follows the opening of the Fine Fragrance Atelier in Shanghai in 2019 and Studio Guangzhou in 2021. It will extend the capabilities of Firmenich in the country, marking another step in expanding the company’s customer experience.

The opening of Villa Harmony reiterates our bold ambitions in creating an ecosystem of partnerships in China, in never-before-seen spaces. We are demonstrating our confidence in leading the Fragrance segment in the dynamic Chinese market, paving the way for customers to discover new olfactive directions,” said Paul Andersson, President of Firmenich China.

Our local and international customers will benefit from the immersive experiences, co-creation opportunities, fragrance creativity and product inspirations that are additionally introduced with the opening of Villa Harmony,” added Olivier Viejo, Vice President, Fine Fragrance APAC.

To further contribute to the development of fragrance understanding, Villa Harmony will be organizing mini exhibitions and forum sessions for exchanges with customers and the public.