The fragrance maker recently launched an updated version of their integrated impact measurement tool for fragrances. Originally launched in 2018, EcoScent Compass provides information on the footprint of fragrances regarding three key pillars: circular creation; climate and nature; and impact on people and community.

According to Firmenich, the new tool offers “extended, robust sustainability data and verifiable claims.” Dubbed EcoScent Compass Next Generation, it now covers 45 fragrance claims and 20 ingredients claims, to help the team of Firmenich perfumers to formulate responsibly by optimizing fragrance designs, at the very beginning of creation.

“At Firmenich, we continue to blaze the trail when it comes to sustainability in fragrances by pioneering transparency in the industry. Sustainability transformations hinge on data sharing and with EcoScent Compass Next Generation, we enable our clients to assess their creations, make enlightened decisions and help them reach their sustainability goals,” says Ilaria Resta, President of Perfumery at Firmenich.

“The availability and management of accurate, verifiable sustainability measures are essential to achieving corporate ESG metrics and shared global goals,” adds Michal Benmayor, VP for Global Perfumery Sustainability. “Companies must not only use tools to record, report and act on sustainable business data within their operations but also share it across their networks of suppliers and partners to unlock the potential for positive impact at scale. Challenges are evolving and what needs to be addressed today are the major concerns on carbon emissions and biodiversity. With EcoScent Compass Next Generation, Firmenich is enabled to take the lead.”