Swiss-based fragrance specialist Firmenich has joined forces with MG International Fragrance Company to build a new perfumery production hub near Istanbul, Turkey.

The 47 million Swiss franc (EUR 44.5 million) investment in the new plant will provide the two companies with important additional capacity to serve their customers in Turkey, the Middle East and central Asia (the so-called ‘Stans’ countries).

The new facility is expected to become operational before the end of 2023, joining Firmenich’s global network of 46 perfumery, flavours and ingredients plants.

According to Swiss group, with approximately 15,000 square meters of floor space spread across four floors, the facility will house some of the most advanced digital production technology and quality assurance laboratories in the industry. “The highly automated plant will help deliver high-quality and agile service to meet the bespoke needs of small and mid-size enterprises which are flourishing in the region,” said Firmenich in a statement.