Firmenich has announced the commissioning of a new multipurpose production unit for renewable ingredients at its DRT facility in Castets, southwestern France. The new plant, which will be operational in January, will increase production capacity on the site by 50% to serve perfumery customers and address the fast-growing demand for sustainable products.

Pine-based ingredients

This additional plant at Castets strengthens our global leadership in renewable ingredients by placing Firmenich in a strategic position to offer extra capacity for perfumery, providing superior service close to our customers in Europe and capturing growth opportunities,” said Firmenich CEO Gilbert Ghostine. “The state- of-the-art facility also makes a significant contribution to our Environmental, Social and Governance objective to ensure 70% of Firmenich ingredients are manufactured from renewable carbon sources by 2030.

We are very proud of this new ultra-modern plant, designed to extend our unique industrial expertise in producing pine-based ingredients from upcycled materials,” added Firmenich President of Ingredients Boet Brinkgreve. “This major expansion will position Firmenich uniquely as the recognized supplier of bio-sourced and renewable ingredients, and help our customers deliver on their own ESG goals.

With 17,000 square meters of production floor space, spread over four floors, the new unit is intended to secure supply for a diversity of finished products as well as for a large range of intermediates.

In early November, Firmenich announced the construction of a new production site in Turkey.